my Approach

I move beyond knowledge acquisition and competency skills training and focus on experiential learning, authenticity, and courageous conversations. I create safe spaces for people to talk freely and finding workable solutions to their most significant challenges.

I am down-to-earth, mindful, and compassionate and help people undertake the tough work to expand their consciousness, improve their relationships, and change their mindsets and behaviors. I lived a multifaceted life and will give you my diverse range of experiences, open perspectives, and inclusive principles.

No matter where we live,
we all benefit from having more
functional businesses, non-profits,
and government services.

We need less leadership based privilege, authority, control, and brainpower and more based on creation, connection, relationships, and a deep sense of responsibility to serving the world.

my Inspiration


I began thinking about organizational transformation when I lived in post-Soviet Central Asia and worked on a healthcare reform program over 20 years ago. I intimately learned that the world does not readily change without effective organizations. Organizational transformation does not happen with only system improvements or new technology. Sustainable change occurs by challenging the underlying beliefs and behaviors of the people who lead and work in them.

I left my development career several years ago to give myself the freedom to start OrgForce and realize my dream of starting a consulting and coaching practice. I’m fully devoted to increasing the power of organizations and their people to catalyze the world.   

Like most, I’m a work in progress. I’m a life-long grinder trying to reform. I was a self-coached Olympic Marathon Trials athlete who had a full-time job and did not seek the support of others. I had an adventurous international career doing good work in some of the world’s most fragile nations. I’m grateful for my experiences, but I could have accomplished better results and more fully enjoyed my pursuits if I took a more enlightened leadership approach. I’m a father and began to make my transformation while overcoming family obstacles. I’m still going through my leadership journey, but eager to share what I have learned along the way.




I was focused on surviving rather than thriving during most of my work. I want more for you.

My clients are a balance of individuals and organizations, local or international, who have growth mindsets, are mission-driven, and committed to transformation.













key qualifications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC);

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation;

  • Graduate of Co-Active Training Institute’s conscious leadership development program;

  • Leadership Circle Profile Certification;

  • Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment Certification;

  • Executive Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University.

  • MBA from James Madison University;

  • Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management;

  • 25 years of leadership experience implementing change initiatives in the world’s newest and most fragile countries;

  • Retired elite athlete and former US Olympic Marathon Trials competitor

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