Organizational Change

Create an Adaptable Organization

Change initiatives are rarely sustainable without a structure grounded in adaptability. I partner with clients to undertake the foundational work of constructing change structures within their organizations that are flexible yet durable during calm and turbulent times.

Empower Your Staff

My process work addresses today’s and tomorrow’s workplace demands. I bring multi-functional and divergent groups together to plan their future and address their most pressing challenges.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Traditional organizational cultures often place a high value on perfection.  However, perfection and control stamp out the innovation and agility needed in today’s business environment. I help organizations rethink their business paradigms to be more responsive to today’s business realities.

I co-create transformation and deep learning in all my client partnerships.

I offer a people-centric approach focused on empowerment, creativity, community, and whole system participation. I can help support change in your organization.

 My Typical Organizational Change Process:

– Meet with organizational leadership to target issues and align a working partnership

– Develop a contract for the assignment

– Collect information within the organization on targeted issues

– Share results to leadership and then the people who work within the system

– Co-design an action plan for change with the client

– Co-implement intervention with client

– Evaluate

– Reinforce organizational learning

My Invitation

If you have an urge to explore change in your organization and want a trusted partner at your side, please call me for an open discussion on who how I can help your organization reach its goals.

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