Rethinking Leadership​

Conventional leadership models are quickly becoming obsolete, as they are unable to keep up with growing complexity and the rising pace of change.  This is your strategic opportunity to get ahead of the competition by embracing leadership concepts for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Complexity, Change, and Uncertainity

Our leadership typically works until we hit a certain level of complexity, change, or uncertainty.  Once we reach this point, we can fearfully respond by controlling, protecting, or deferring which will eventually yield division, exhaustion, and indifference in our organizations.  Or, we can learn to creatively react beyond our limitations by growing our awareness through curiosity, connection, authenticity, and purpose to create more resourceful workplaces.  Today’s top leaders are active learners constantly transforming themselves to vigorously respond to an increasingly chaotic world.

Change the Conversation

Are you having the same old conversations that keep resurfacing in your organization?  As leaders, we address problems and opportunities everyday.  My leadership assistance helps people change how to “be” with problems and opportunities so that issues get resolved once and for all and possibilities are explored with wonder and ease.

My Practice

I’m like a software developer.  Rather than work with computers, I help people learn to continuously update their internal operating systems to take-on an increasing volume of uncertainty and complexity with grace and agility.  Through assessments, programming, training, and one-on-one partnerships, I help people explore their full potential and bring out the best in others to achieve greater impact for themselves and their organizations.

My Difference

I  offer my experience, training, and personal transformation in my work.  I have led in highly complex, chaotic, and unknown environments such as the Central Asia Republics shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union and more recently in South Sudan.  I’ve trained on cutting-edge leadership knowledge through Georgetown University’s Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership program and Co-Active Training Institute’s coaching and leadership programs.  I have pushed the limits of my own transformation and embrace this work with heart, compassion, and soul

My Leadership Offerings

Professional Development

Have you lost interest in
competency-based training? 

 I deliver customized experiential training that grows conscious leadership and long -term learning by creating safe spaces for exploration and courageous conversations that stimulate lasting development.

Leadership Assessments

Do you want to evaluate the leadership in your organization?

I incorporate evidence-based and measurable practices.  I am certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment frameworks regarded by corporate leaders and industry professionals as the premier leadership assessment system.  Through these certifications, I have the ability to benchmark individual and collective leadership.  These assessments are great tools for learning, and  measuring your progress and return on investment., 


Would you like to change the leadership
 culture in your team or organization?

Whether you are a business, government service provider, non-profit, or project team, I customize leadership development programs for executives and staff which include coaching, discovery, training, and evaluation that will improve performance, innovation, retention, and agility in your organization.

If you are curious how my leadership development programs can help you and your organization, please call me at (301) 633-1684 or email me at dmiller@org-force.com for a talk and together we will explore a customized approach that is right for you

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