Expanding Your Leadership in
the Post-Pandemic World

As we collectively become vaccinated against the COVID virus, we will be able to do the things we have been unable to do over the past year. We will soon attend family gatherings and sporting events, send our children to school, and begin to travel again. Soon, many of us will return to our workplaces and begin interacting side-by-side with people again. Do you want your life, career, and workplace environment as it was before? Or do you want something more?   

The gift of COVID was our opportunity to see ourselves and our world differently. Many of us feel that we have evolved over the past year. The pandemic has given us time to reflect, question, and discover what is important in our lives and careers. As we begin reentry back to the workplace grind, we can easily be lured into complacency and lose our momentum for the changes we seek. Therefore, we must be intentional to realize our dreams and commitment.

Expanding your leadership will prepare you for the challenges and exciting opportunities ahead as we transition into a post-pandemic era. Learn how leadership coaching can help you make the changes you want for a more joyful, impactful, and fulfilling life and career.

Why is Leadership Coaching Important?

As an athlete, I continuously worked to upgrade my mind and body by stretching my limits. Once I created a new homeostasis point, I was off to set a better one. Along the way, I often experienced disappointment and failure. However, this is how I became a better runner. I knew how to train my body, but I needed a coach to provide the safe space that I needed to push my limits and face my failures. I’m convinced that I would have competed several years longer and shaved a few minutes from my best marathon time if I had a dedicated coach advocating for me during my post-collegiate career.  

Expanding our leadership should be an intentional process. It not only requires desire, practice, and hard work, it also involves courage and vulnerability as we uncomfortably stretch ourselves and face the possibilities of failure and embarrassment. Neuroscience teaches us that human connection is a powerful resource as we push ourselves to become more expansive leaders.  In essence, sustainable change is more likely when we have the non-judgmental and loving support of a well-trained coach.

Like an athletics coach, leadership coaching is forward-looking support that will help you continue to make the necessary changes that you are seeking to realize your goals. It will provide the sacred space and deep human connection that will assist you in deepening the learnings and forwarding the actions that will empower you to lead change rather than react to it.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coach is a unique and valuable relationship. It is not therapy because we are not diagnosing or treating you. Coaching is not mentorship because coaching is an equal partnership between coach and client full-heartedly dedicated to helping you attain your goals.  It is not friendship because the relationship is not mutual, as the coach has no self-interest and is fully vested in helping the client. Coaching is not consulting because we do not provide expertise or advice, nor do we attempt to solve your problems. Instead, coaching is about creating a sacred space with the client to help you explore yourself and your possibilities for learning, growth, and empowerment.

Why Invest in Leadership Coaching?

People engage in coaching for a variety of reasons. Some feel lost and seek energy, direction, or support to find a path forward in their lives or careers. Others pursue coaching to confront the fears that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals. 

Coaching is often sought by clients who are facing impostor syndrome and seeking to boost their self-worth. Some clients enlist coaching to become more confident and decisive in their lives and careers, while others desire a sounding board as they face a major transition. Coaching is also sought to change self-destructive habits that are limiting the client’s progress and joy. Others seek coaching to improve time management or create more structure in their lives.

Coaching and Transformational Change

Leadership begins from within. It is about learning to integrate the whole self to bring out your best self. In essence, leadership coaching helps you make the transformational changes that you need to continually expand your leadership abilities and create more happiness, fulfillment, and impact in your life and career.

Need a Leadership Coach? We Can Help.

OrgForce Consulting is devoted to helping you expand your conscious leadership. Leadership coaching is one of our most important service offerings. We are Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and Associate Certified Coaches (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (IFC). 

We offer free 45-minute leadership coaching sessions to give you the experience of being coached and to determine if we are an appropriate coaching match for you. We also offer a variety of coaching packages which can be tailored to your needs.   

We coach individuals but also offer coaching programs for organizations who are seeking leadership coaching for their staff. We can be reached at dmiller@org-force.com or (301) 633-1684. Further information regarding our practice is also available at www.org-force.com