The Gift of Coaching

Coaching offers a rare opportunity where you develop a partnership solely focused on you and your needs without expectation or judgement.  The essence of my coaching is to help you make sustainable changes from a current to desired state through a series of intentional conversations.  Accredited as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute and as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation, my methodologies are proven through neuroscientific research to help you experience lasting change for a more effective career and fulfilling life. 

Coaching's Impact

My coaching does not aim to fix or treat, but rather focuses on helping you learn, grow, and become increasingly self-aware.  I will help you identify beliefs and patterns that are not working for you and create new pathways that will better serve you.  As your accountability partner, I will be with you as you transfer your new insights and challenges into everyday practice.

Many people engage in coaching because they want to tackle a problem or take-on a new challenge.  While we will focus on your current dilemma with great intent, you will likely find that the greatest benefit from our coaching partnership will be your long-term growth and transformation.   These are some of the areas that I typically address in my coaching partnerships:

–   Make breakthroughs

–   Talk through problems and decisions

–   Unload emotions that are holding you back

–   Get unstuck

–   Realize dreams and opportunities

–   Increase self-awareness

–   Seek personal or professional growth

What You Can Expect From Me

I emphasize partnership in my coaching relationships as we equally commit to realizing your desired goals.  I believe the process to achieve transformative change should be an exciting and enjoyable adventure that will explore your heart, mind, and inner resources to arrive at a more gratifying and meaningful place in your life and career.

As your coach, I will be your trustworthy advocate as you explore remotely traveled and deeply rewarding places such as your values, powers, mindsets, and aspirations.  I provide the necessary tools and supplies for your journey including non-biased, non-judgmental, and open-minded support along with compassion and empathy. In addition, I will carry a curious mind, keen insights, probing questions, a kit of coaching and leadership techniques, and accountability.

My Typical Client

As humans, we all benefit from coaching no matter of our station in life.  I am particularly passionate about coaching leaders who want to make a stronger impact in their organizations and the world, and people who are taking-on bold challenges.  My typical clients include:

–   An organizational leader wanting a more inspired, creative, and committed team

–   A mid-career professional wanting to take that next big step in life and career

–   An early professional trying to figure out a path for career and life

–   An accomplished professional wanting more fulfillment and connection to the world

–   Entrepreneurs needing encouragement and support

To learn about the benefits of coaching and to see if I’m the right coach for you, our first coaching session will be free.   Common topics often discussed in these introductory sessions include career management, leadership growth, problem-solving, and goal setting.

Evidence-Based Coaching

If you are committed to a very rich and evidence-based coaching experience, I am a Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile which is the industry’s premiere leadership assessment instrument.  You can learn more about this evaluation tool at  The information generated from this 360 assessment gracefully provides a deep and insightful understanding of your leadership strengths and growth areas.  The assessment and 90-minute debrief is a powerful way to kick start your leadership journey and provides a great baseline for follow-up coaching. You may wish to re-take the evaluation one or two years after your initial assessment to measure your progress and growth.

My Coaching Options

Includes a 90-minute discovery session, 5 50-minute coaching sessions, and text and email support between coaching sessions. 

6-Month Package

Includes a 90-minute discovery session, 11 50-minute coaching sessions, and text and email support between coaching sessions.

1-Year Package

Includes a 90-minute discovery session, 23 50-minute coaching sessions, and text and email correspondence support in between coaching sessions.

Leadership Circle Profile Assessment

Includes a 360 assessment and report, and a 90-minute debrief discussion to review results and discuss forward actions.

One-Time Coaching Session

One 50-minute session

Corporate and Group Arrangements

Will be proposed individually based on needs and requirements of sponsoring organization


Call me at (301) 633-1684 or email me at dmiller@org-force to set up your free sample session. If you would like to create a coaching partnership, my pricing begins at $174 per session or $1,099 for a 3-month coaching package.  My sessions are typically held for 50 minutes by telephone or video conference and occur during the day (EST/EDT). Some evening hours are also available. International clients are welcome.  All coaching sessions are highly confidential. On-site and group coaching arrangements are available for corporate clients who provide coaching support to their leaders and staff.  

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